Rick Wright joins us for episode 185 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Rick is the creator of the Putting T- Bar training aid and The Putting Laser Optics used to improve a players aim and is a great practice and teaching tool. Rick has been working with players of all skill levels for several years. We talk about his take on improving your putting and how he came up with the Laser Optics and Putting T-Bar to help improve his players putting stroke and accuracy on the putting green.

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Sam Adams PGA first picked up a golf club at the age of 9 years. He played at a high level and assumed he could teach the game. At first he struggled helping his students at first but over time he learned to teach the game of golf and spend time with several great teachers fine tuning his craft. One was Harvey Penick. He wished he could talk to him today because he could ask so many more questions now then back when he was younger. He has found that teaching for several years there is always something new to learn about the game and how to help other improve. Today we tap into that knowledge in this interview with Sam. He make several points that anyone who loves this game will benefit from. Like the mental side of the game and motor skills and how they are learned.


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This week on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 183 our guest is Bradley Converse the founder and creator of Bradly Putters. Bradley putter are custom made wood putters like no other. His story of how it began and how it is growing into the market of putter in the game. You want to catch this episode also on our YouTube Channel. 


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This week on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan our guest is Brian Stoyer of Fix Your Divot to talk about his simple product divot tool and ball marker that makes it easy to have your divot tool with you on the green. 

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