This weeks episode #33 is all about sand play. How to get out of a greenside sand trap and also fairways sand traps. Bernard Sheridan also covers bounce and sand conditions. If you like this show please leave us a review on iTunes. This will help the show get to more players. If you are having a problem in your game please email us at and we will cover your topic on an upcoming show.

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Episode 32 of Breaking Par covers uneven lies and what happens to your ball flight when the ball is below,above ,uphill or downhill. How to approach these shots and how to work on and find out through trial and error on the course. For questions to any of our podcasts email us at

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In 2014 time is tight for almost all of us. This weeks episdoe helps you make time to practice the things that matter in your game. Find out how just a few mintues each day can change your game for the better.

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This weeks show covers how you can hit more fairways and greens. The points in your swing that have to happen to hit the ball straighter and longer. Links to the video of billy Horschel that we speak about in this episode can be found here.

Billy Horschel Wins BMW 2014

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The finish of the golf swing tells a story about the entire swing. This weeks episode talks about how important the roll of the finish plays in you hitting better shots.

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