This weeks epidose is about how to find club distance. How far do you hit each club in your bag. If your not sure than you cannot play your best. Bernard Sheridan talks about the distances that PGA Tour players hit each club and how far you should be hitting each club. Also how to find out through range sessions how far you really carry each club.

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Is your swing in balance? Balance is one of the top reasons why tour pros play so well. If your balance is off your swing will be too. So take a listen and see how you can find perfect balance to improve your swing and tempo.

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Martin Kaymer has won the US Open at Pinehurst No. 2 with a wire to wire play. The biggest thing that helped him in his victory was a solid connection of his body and arms working togeather in his swing. This is the key to solid ball striking under pressure. This episode covers how you can use connection in your swing to up your game and refers to drills on the par breakers YouTube channel that you can view to help make this happen. Please leave a review for this show on iTunes and send your comments to Let us know what trouble you are having and we will cover your topic on a future show. As always thank you for your support.

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Episode 18 Learn from your divots not only talks about the importance of understanding your divots but where the divot should be in your swing. How deep and how many inches ahead of the ball is the deepest part of the divot for a PGA Tour pro. What can you do to make this happen in your swing. How you can lower your scores by four shots every inch your divots moves forward towards the target.

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Breaking Par Episode 17 -  Fix Your Slice

So many golfers hit the ball to the right off the tee and with their irons. 

This weeks podcast covers how to fix your slice. Below is a link to the drill taht is covered in the podcast.

It is a core rotation drill that will help you in the impact zone. Work on this drill before practice sessions and rounds to help you feel your core more engauged in your swing. T

Online lesson Link:

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