We all have some form of tension in our life. But in our golf game there is no room for tension. It robs us of feel and speed along with tempo. This weeks podcast will give you tips on how to recognize that there is tension in your grip and body and how to relieve that tension. Once the tension is gone you will see speed ,tempo and overall direction on your shot making improve. For more infromation to take control of your game go to our website. http://www.parbreakers.com

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To play our best we need someone in our corner. That someone is you. Talk to yourself like a PGA Tour Caddie talks to his player. Be positive and learn how to take positive imaging during you round and play your best in this weeks episode.

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Hitting more fairways and greens lead to lower scores. In order to do this we need to hit straighter shots and this weeks episode 35 covers how you can do that along with tips to help you create solid contact. Do get the most out of your game make sure you subscribe to this podcast on your smartphone or listening device.

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Learn to tap into the subconscious and become right brain dominate while you swing. Turn off the intrunal self chatter and play your best with this weeks Breaking Par podcast

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