Brandi Jackson has played on the LPGA Tour and is now a consultent in recruting junior players in the college process. Along with helping young players make the step the the next level in their game to reach the tour level. 

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James Leitz Top 100 instructor and D-Plane expert joins us on episode 86 of breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. James has a wealth of knowledge that will help players of every level and he is here to help you take control of your game.

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Bill Schmedes joins us for episode 85 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan.

Bill is the director of instruction at Fiddlers Elbow and has worked with several top Junior players helping them reach the the PGA and LPGA Tour. 

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Impact Zone and Golfing Machine instructor Wayne Watts joins us from The Traces Golf Club. Here is a great interview that will help you take control of your game and better understand the dynamics that must happen in your swing.

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