James Sieckmann short game guru to more than eighty Tour pros on bith the PGA and LPGA joins us to talk about his new book. Your Short Game Solution. James sutided first hand the short game of players like Seve Ballesteros , Raymond Floyd and Cory Pavin. He found out why they were masters on shots inside of 120 yards. He tells us his story and how he became connected with these great players.He will fill us in on these same examples in our 64th episode of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan.

To purchase this incredible book go to - Your Short Game Solution


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This weeks guest is Mike Dynda. Mike is the mens Golf Coach of Drexel University in Philadelphia Pa. Mike is also an aimpoint certified instructor. In this episode we talk about some of the things that high school students need to think about when looking for a scholarship in golf along with golf instruction topics od putting and more.

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The Founder of Game in Glove joins us for this interview. Mark Berry is an amateur golfer who came up with a incredible training aid to help players of all levels get on path to a better swing. Mark is from the U.K. and now lives in the States. We talk about how he came up with the idea of Game in Glove and how it works.

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Episode 62 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan
Our guest is Ralph Landrum 2014 PGA Player Development Award Winner. Ralph is a Master PGA Pro who has played on tour and works hard to grow the game of golf. He works with players of all levels and imparts his wisdom of years of teaching knowledge to our listeners in this episode.

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