Breaking Par Episode 46 Interview with James Hong of Harbor Links Golf Course in Port Washington N.Y. James is a Top 50 U.S Kids Golf Instructor and voted of Top 50 Growth of the game 2014 by Golf Range Magazine. He give us some words of wisdom and tips to help you take control of your game. 

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This week we interview Justin Bruton from the Biltmore Hotel in Miami Fl. Justin is a Golf Channel Swing Fix Instructor and one of the up and coming young teaching professinals in the golfing world today. 

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Ed Teer Interview with the founder of Ed Teer Golf Academy in Williamsburg Va.and assitant coach to William and Mary Golf Team. Ed shares his teams practice routine and insight on instruction.

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Pete Buchanan is the founder of Plane Simple Golf and the inventor of the swing training aid SSR. That stands for Simple swing Repeater. This episode I get insight from Pete who has work with John Jacobs Golf Schools in the npast and now brings that knowledge to his student and to you our audiance in this interview. To contact Pete go to To ask questions please email us at

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Episode 42  is interview with the instuctor to PGA Tour player Brian Gay. Lynn Blake. Lynn gives his insight to some of the things that must happen in your swing in order for success. We touch base on high level players pre event prep and gain information that only Lynn's students know. Lynn has worked side by side with Ben Doyle of The Golfiing machine and is a Master instructor of the golfing machine. Lynn also has his own certification program for instructors. Lynn Blake certified Instruction.

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Episode 41 is our first interview with Mike Fay.

Mike Fay is the Director of Player Performance at the Boyne Golf Academy in Boyne Falls Michigan. Mike is a golf channel certified Swing Fix instructor and named "Top 50 Kids instructors" by US Kids Golf in 2013. Mike also has a show on Twitter called "Ask the Pro". Mike shares his insight on golf instruction with some of the things he does with his students and his recomendations on trining aids and more. To contact Mike Fay go to and find him on Twitter at

If you have a part of your game that needs help email us at
Please leave us a review of this podcast on ITunes.

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Episode 40 looks at some of the things that you need to do in short shots. Many players hit these shots with just their arms and we need to get the body involved in some cases. We also need to think about weight shift and grip tension.

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Choosing an instructor to help you get the most out of your game take some work. But once you listen to this weeks episode it will make the task a little easier. What things do you want out of an instructor and what should you look for? How do you know that they are a good fit for your game? What questions should you ask and how do you go about finding the instructors in your area?

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Episode 38 of breaking Par with bernard Sheridan covers how you can relate golf to other sports you have played growing up. Most of us grew up playing baseball,scoccer,hockey and basketball. This weeks episode goes into deeper detail as to how golf is similar to these sports. This will help you understand how the motion you use in other sports can be transfered to golf.

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We all have some form of tension in our life. But in our golf game there is no room for tension. It robs us of feel and speed along with tempo. This weeks podcast will give you tips on how to recognize that there is tension in your grip and body and how to relieve that tension. Once the tension is gone you will see speed ,tempo and overall direction on your shot making improve. For more infromation to take control of your game go to our website.

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To play our best we need someone in our corner. That someone is you. Talk to yourself like a PGA Tour Caddie talks to his player. Be positive and learn how to take positive imaging during you round and play your best in this weeks episode.

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Hitting more fairways and greens lead to lower scores. In order to do this we need to hit straighter shots and this weeks episode 35 covers how you can do that along with tips to help you create solid contact. Do get the most out of your game make sure you subscribe to this podcast on your smartphone or listening device.

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Learn to tap into the subconscious and become right brain dominate while you swing. Turn off the intrunal self chatter and play your best with this weeks Breaking Par podcast

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This weeks episode #33 is all about sand play. How to get out of a greenside sand trap and also fairways sand traps. Bernard Sheridan also covers bounce and sand conditions. If you like this show please leave us a review on iTunes. This will help the show get to more players. If you are having a problem in your game please email us at and we will cover your topic on an upcoming show.

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Episode 32 of Breaking Par covers uneven lies and what happens to your ball flight when the ball is below,above ,uphill or downhill. How to approach these shots and how to work on and find out through trial and error on the course. For questions to any of our podcasts email us at

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In 2014 time is tight for almost all of us. This weeks episdoe helps you make time to practice the things that matter in your game. Find out how just a few mintues each day can change your game for the better.

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This weeks show covers how you can hit more fairways and greens. The points in your swing that have to happen to hit the ball straighter and longer. Links to the video of billy Horschel that we speak about in this episode can be found here.

Billy Horschel Wins BMW 2014

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The finish of the golf swing tells a story about the entire swing. This weeks episode talks about how important the roll of the finish plays in you hitting better shots.

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Breaking Par Epsiode 28 covers fixes for fat and thin shots. What are the cause and drills that you can do to fix them.

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The only 1/2 hour weekly golf show devoted to golf instruction. This weeks episode 27 covers putting and how important it is to putt well to lower your scores. To get the most out of your game visit

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There are thousands of different swing styles. In order to produce a good shot the dynamics are what counts. No matter what your swing style may be learn how the dynamics all must be the same. 

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Episode 25 covers the practice warm up before a round that Tiger Woods uses. How can we use much of the same things to help us have a better pre shot warm up and better practice range sessions. To follow bernard Sheridan and par breakers golf Academy go to 

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This weeks episode talks about the choices in Junior Golf camps and what you should look for in a good program. Many programs are run with College students as instructors. You want to make sure that the instructors are Full time insturctors not part time summer hires.

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There is no way that most of us know all the rules of golf but these few that are covered all players should know. 

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Your play will be much more plesent if you use the proper etiquette that is exspected on the golf course. Just like anywhere else we are exspected to act acordingly in certian situations. Bernard Sheridan goes over the basics in this weeks podcast.

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This weeks epidose is about how to find club distance. How far do you hit each club in your bag. If your not sure than you cannot play your best. Bernard Sheridan talks about the distances that PGA Tour players hit each club and how far you should be hitting each club. Also how to find out through range sessions how far you really carry each club.

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Is your swing in balance? Balance is one of the top reasons why tour pros play so well. If your balance is off your swing will be too. So take a listen and see how you can find perfect balance to improve your swing and tempo.

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Martin Kaymer has won the US Open at Pinehurst No. 2 with a wire to wire play. The biggest thing that helped him in his victory was a solid connection of his body and arms working togeather in his swing. This is the key to solid ball striking under pressure. This episode covers how you can use connection in your swing to up your game and refers to drills on the par breakers YouTube channel that you can view to help make this happen. Please leave a review for this show on iTunes and send your comments to Let us know what trouble you are having and we will cover your topic on a future show. As always thank you for your support.

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Episode 18 Learn from your divots not only talks about the importance of understanding your divots but where the divot should be in your swing. How deep and how many inches ahead of the ball is the deepest part of the divot for a PGA Tour pro. What can you do to make this happen in your swing. How you can lower your scores by four shots every inch your divots moves forward towards the target.

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Breaking Par Episode 17 -  Fix Your Slice

So many golfers hit the ball to the right off the tee and with their irons. 

This weeks podcast covers how to fix your slice. Below is a link to the drill taht is covered in the podcast.

It is a core rotation drill that will help you in the impact zone. Work on this drill before practice sessions and rounds to help you feel your core more engauged in your swing. T

Online lesson Link:

Click on the link below to sign up for a personal swing analysis by Bernard Sheridan.

Take an online lesson Click Here!

Leave a review of this podcast on iTunes under Breaking Par Podcast. Thank you for listening!


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To get the most out of your game you need to think your way around the course. In episode 16 bernard Sheridan talks about how you can save shots and lay out a plan to attack to course when needed and to lay up when you should. For great instruction podcasts every week download all of our episodes. 

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Connection of the arms and torso are so important to solid ball striking. This episode bernard Sheridan dives into how you can make that connection in your golf swing to take control of your game.

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In this episode Bernard Sheridan covers the importance of getting your irons and drtiver,ball fit. To get the most out of your personal potential you need to play equimpment that fits your body type. To get future podcasts downloaded right to your phone subscribe to this podcast on iTunes. Also check out all bernard has to offer at his website.

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All of us would like to hit more fairways with our drives. This weeks episode Bernard Sheridan covers tips and drills to help you take control off the tee and hit more fairways to help lower your score. 

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You bio mechanics determine your swing type and much more than you would think on how you should swing the golf club. This episode talks about how you can find your perfect swing plane and balance point or post. Swing better and will less chance of injury.

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To play your best and improve from one season to the next you need to understand your game and keeping stats is a big part of that. Keeping Firways hit,greens hit and putts are just a few stats that will help you know where your game needs work. This podcast out 4/14/14 is to ive you insight into how important keeping your stats means to improving. Remeber bernard is here to help you so don't forget to email him for advice at

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Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Premier Episode

Premier Episode of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan - Golf Instruction Podcast covers Pre Shot Routine with Bernard Sheridan Golf Swing Fix certified instructor and founder of Par Breakers Golf Academy. In this episode bernard talks about how PGA Tour Pros play their best when sticking to their pre shot routine and how a solid pre shot routine will not only help you play better but keep pace of play up. If you would like to hear a topic covered that you need help with please contact us at We will do our best to cover that topic in a feature podcast. You can also take a lesson with Bernard online or in person by going to the Par Breakers Golf Academy website at

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