Breaking Par Episode 46 Interview with James Hong of Harbor Links Golf Course in Port Washington N.Y. James is a Top 50 U.S Kids Golf Instructor and voted of Top 50 Growth of the game 2014 by Golf Range Magazine. He give us some words of wisdom and tips to help you take control of your game. 

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This week we interview Justin Bruton from the Biltmore Hotel in Miami Fl. Justin is a Golf Channel Swing Fix Instructor and one of the up and coming young teaching professinals in the golfing world today. 

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Ed Teer Interview with the founder of Ed Teer Golf Academy in Williamsburg Va.and assitant coach to William and Mary Golf Team. Ed shares his teams practice routine and insight on instruction.

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Pete Buchanan is the founder of Plane Simple Golf and the inventor of the swing training aid SSR. That stands for Simple swing Repeater. This episode I get insight from Pete who has work with John Jacobs Golf Schools in the npast and now brings that knowledge to his student and to you our audiance in this interview. To contact Pete go to To ask questions please email us at

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Episode 42  is interview with the instuctor to PGA Tour player Brian Gay. Lynn Blake. Lynn gives his insight to some of the things that must happen in your swing in order for success. We touch base on high level players pre event prep and gain information that only Lynn's students know. Lynn has worked side by side with Ben Doyle of The Golfiing machine and is a Master instructor of the golfing machine. Lynn also has his own certification program for instructors. Lynn Blake certified Instruction.

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