Episode 69 interview with Michael Michaelides. LIU Men's Golf Coach. 2008 Big Break X. Michael gives his insight into coaching and technology on the world of golf.

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Dennis Sales joins us on Episode 68 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Dennis works with high profile junior players in Texas and has his academy located in Sinclair Golf Center. We take tech instruction and more.

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Kalliope Barlis is the author to Play Golf Better Faster. She is our guest here on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 67. Kaliope has played as a professinal and now works with players on the mental side of the game. Take control of your game with this  interview that you won't want to miss.

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Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 66
Interview with Megan Padua. Megan brings passion to everything she does in the world of golf. She is young and eager to learn more and share that knowledge with others to help grow the game. Megan Travels the U.S. during the winter months giving Aimpoint clinics and spreading the word about how much golf can enrich lives. In the summer she makes her home in New York and she is also very active on social media working hard to grow the game.

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