All of us would like to hit more fairways with our drives. This weeks episode Bernard Sheridan covers tips and drills to help you take control off the tee and hit more fairways to help lower your score. 

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You bio mechanics determine your swing type and much more than you would think on how you should swing the golf club. This episode talks about how you can find your perfect swing plane and balance point or post. Swing better and will less chance of injury.

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To play your best and improve from one season to the next you need to understand your game and keeping stats is a big part of that. Keeping Firways hit,greens hit and putts are just a few stats that will help you know where your game needs work. This podcast out 4/14/14 is to ive you insight into how important keeping your stats means to improving. Remeber bernard is here to help you so don't forget to email him for advice at

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