This week our guest is Nick Tumminello fitness expert from Fort Lauderdale Florida.
Nick is not a golfer but understands what it takes to train golfers to play their best. Here is a little bit about Nick.

Nick’s hybrid approach to training allows him to leverage the tools, knowledge and skills of many disciplines and methods to help his clients and to educate other trainers how to deliver results.

As early as his teenage years Nick knew that he wanted to be a trainer. His early influence came from his mother, growing up in a gym watching her prepare for bodybuilding competitions. She’ll tell you that “Nick grew up on iron and sweat.”

As a way to connect Nick and his mother attended fitness events and conferences from the time he was 16 years old.

Personal training is the only ‘real job’ nick’s ever known. But, his story isn’t common. Not being one to fall in line with the crowd Nick never attended college or got a degree. He graduated high school as an average student. He worked hard to accumulate a lot of on the job experience and despite his distaste for structured education Nick was very interested in learning.

After being fired from his first two personal training jobs due to his independent thinking and lack of needing to ‘fit in’ he went off on his own to start a business.

Training and fitness aren’t a hobby to Nick. This is a profession that he’s very passionate about.

It would be easy to confuse Nick as a ‘science guy’ due to his ability to challenge thoughts and ideas, the way he respects the scientific process and critical thinking. However, he’s most excited by the application and end results that the information he learns and the ideas he creates can produce.   “Studies and research are great, but if there is no practical application there is no need”

Nick’s approach to many things can be described in three words…

Hustle and Muscle.

This is applied in training, business and intellectually for Nick.


Nick’s hybrid, mixed approach to training allows for the possibility that you can look great and perform great at the same time with a calculated and specific approach to training.

Contact Nick-


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RICH HAS… 28+ years experience and is a certified adaptive golf instructor who works specifically with disabled golfers. On September 25 2000, he was in a life changing accident when he was ejected from a moving golf cart. Despite his injuries, he has made an amazing recovery and is now a scratchplayer. Today, he continues to share his passion for the game, coaching all levels of ability from touring professionals to disabled golfers.




‘Growing the Game’ columnist
Advises on
Co-author of ‘Half Paralyzed, Twice Strong’
Set up a 5,000+ member ‘Golf Therapy’ facebook group
Regular ‘Golf Therapy’ columnist for Charleston Golf News
Contributes advice to numerous print and online magazines
Certified adaptive golf instructor and mental performance coach.




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Michael Napoleon

Michael Napoleon | President and Founder

Inspired by the belief that all golfers can achieve more enjoyment from the game by enhancing their performance, Michael is in constant search for the newest and best ways to help golfers improve. SuperSpeed Golf has come into existence out of many years of coaching expertise and looking for simple ways to help golfers increase power in the golf swing. Michael continues to coach in the Chicago area and across the US with his team at Catalyst Golf Performance.

The SuperSpeed Experience

Come spend a day with the team at SuperSpeed Golf! We’ll conduct a full diagnostic of everything that affects your swing speed and create a detailed and personalized action plan for you. During this program, we will look at the following areas of your game:

  • Power specific swing mechanics
  • Driver impact conditions and ball flight with the TrackMan Launch Monitor System
  • 3D Biomechanics and energy transfer
  • Optimizing the fit of your driver
  • Orthopedic joint mobility screening
  • Stability, balance, coordination, and movement patterns
  • Strength and Power assessment

After we finish assessing all of these areas of your game, we will create your personalized swing mechanics program, golf-specific fitness program, and SuperSpeed Golf overspeed training program. We’ll also go over many useful tactics to help increase the efficiency of your program such as nutritional recommendations and recovery methods. This program will truly leave no stone unturned in the quest to help you Unleash your Speed!

SuperSpeed Experience – Chicago at Catalyst Golf Performance

  • $2500/Individual
  • $1500/player for groups

SuperSpeed Experience – On the Road!

This program can be held at your club or a variety of our partner sites around the world.

Contact for More Information

SuperSpeed Corporate Programs


Men's SuperSpeed Golf Training System


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Dayne Gingrich started as a tennis Pro and became a instructor. Here then found the mental game was helping his students better then standard instruction and realized he had tapped into something big. He now teaches the 1% mental mind set not just for tennis but golf and life. This is a episode you don't want to miss to take your game and life to the next level. This program can help you have a mindset like the world's greatest players in their hay day. Like Tiger Woods Jack and Arnie!

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