Dr Joe Parent Mental Game expert and the author of Zen Golf joins us for episode 153 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan.

Golf Digest magazine named Dr. Joe to their list of “Top Ten Mental Game Experts” in the world, and made him a featured teacher in their popular instructional section, “Breaking 100, 90, 80, and 70.” His lesson articles appear in many major golf magazines around the world, and he is a regular "go to" guest for national television, radio, and print media.
His first book, the #1 best-seller ZEN GOLF: Mastering the Mental Game, is now in its 21st printing, with more than a half-million copies sold world-wide, including foreign editions in nine languages. Vijay Singh, the world’s #1-ranked golfer in 2004-2005, said, “Dr. Parent has been a great influence on my mental game. ZEN GOLF is the best book at connecting golf and the mind together. It’s for everyone, it really helps, and you’re really going to enjoy it.” Golf Digest reviewers say, “Here is a book that is highly original and exciting, destined to become a classic. Dr. Parent is a groundbreaking writer.”
 Dr Parent has coached Performance Psychology for business, life and golf for over 30 years. After completing
his Ph.D. in psychology in 1979, Dr. Joe trained in the tradition of mindful awareness practice, developing a unique blend of modern western psychology and venerable eastern wisdom for stress management and skill development. He has become a renowned and sought-after consultant teaching the path to success through peak performance principles. His simple yet powerful techniques help people get out of their own way so they can get the most out of their abilities. He shares his insight into the mental game with us in this interview. To get Dr. Parents book or find out more about his work contact him at -http://www.zengolf.com/

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