Michael Bentley the creator of Blast Motion joins us on todays episode 162 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Michael is one of the most innovative minds in the game of golf and his invention Blast Motion is used not only for golf but also baseball. There are so many awesome things this product can perform. It gathers data about your stroke and tempo in putting and full swing. I like it because as a golf coach I can see what my students are doing and help them improve. Michael gives us tons of info on this product and what it can do along with new information that continues to be added. this simple device fits right on the end of the grip of any club in your bag. It then gathers data and sends it to your iPhone via bluetooth. It can capture and analyze swing and stroke metrics for every shot. This is great for the course to gather data and return it to your coach for fast improvement. The price point is affordable for anyone who plays the game. To find out more listen to this episode along with a visit to the Blast Motion website. Brad Faxon former PGA Tour Player and announcer on the Golf Channel is the company spokesperson and uses it himself.

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