Jason sedan of Fore Door Golf and Golf Channel Academy joins us for this weeks episode of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Jason is a young instructor with a lot of great ideas and is having great success with his students. here is a little bit more Jason.

Jason is the Founder and Coaching Director for Fore Door Golf, a Golf Channel Academy location, based at the Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Club adjacent to America's Oldest Resort Town. The summer months offer a schedule of game improvement events to reach all ages and abilities. Jason strives to take is personal coaching experiences to the game field. Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Club's solitude offers not only world class conditions to improve your game but almost limitless opportunity to get on the course and work on your game where it matters most!

During the winter months, Jason serves as Director of Instruction at the Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club in Vero Beach, FL.

Jason's approach to coaching golf stems from a 4 step approach he calls the "Doors to Success". While many successful instructors have developed a methodology for the golf swing, not all students may be able to move in a way that suits the instructor's method and therefore the student is left with a severe misunderstanding of what will allow them to play their best golf. Jason is committed to a 4 spoke system of Assessment, Comprehension, Training, and Application. By teaching in fours, Jason is able to keep his instruction clear and memorable, allowing for the student to see instant as well as long lasting improvement. This personalized and thorough approach is unlike anything offered in today's market of coaching services and is guaranteed to help you achieve successes you never thought possible.

Fore Door Golf begins with prioritizing the learning process. At a fundamental level, all golfers must learn what is required to gain 1) Contact 2) Direction 3) Distance & 4) Control of a golf shot. Along the way, there is room for many principles and preferences of how to achieve these parameters. Fore Door Golf encompasses an infinite amount of patterns to accomplish the goal of enjoying the game.

Contact - http://jasonsedan.com/

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