Ian has over twenty years of experience as a golf professional, and during that time has focussed his career towards teaching the game he loves, having spent time teaching in the Middle East in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi Ian returned to the UK in 1999.

Ian has now opened the Ian Clark Golf Academy based at the world of golf in New Malden, Surrey, the academy is equipped with the latest teaching technology available, this includes a Trackman launch monitor, K-Vest 3d body motion analysis, SAM balance lab and SAM putt lab, one of Ian's teaching mottos is why guess when you can measure, and with this technology at hand you can be sure that you are receiving the best instruction available to help you play to your best ability. 

Using this technology Ian can describe to you what is happening with your swing, and how you can implement changes to improve your golf game, as a Trackman Master Instructor, a Golfing Machine authorized instructor and a TPI certified coach you can be sure you are receiving instruction of the highest quality. Ian has won a number of awards for his coaching, most recently being voted one of the top 100 coaches in the country by Golf World magazine, Ian also holds the designation of Advanced Fellow of the British PGA.

 Ian has made it a lifetime vocation to learn from the best instructors, and has studied personally under many of them, those have included, Jim Flick, Mike Bender, Lynn Blake, Jim McLean, Ben Doyle, Chuck Cook, Geoff Mangum, Andy, Plummer, Mike Bennet, Martin Hall, James Leitz, Mike Adams, and Mark Blackburn.



Contact Ian -  TEL. 0208 949 9200   EMAIL     ian@ianclarkgolf.co.uk


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